Tree Inspections, Surveys and Reports

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Tree Surveys, Reports and Consultancy

At Morfe Valley we offer our customers a wide range of consultancy services. With extensive training and over 20 years experience in the industry, we are able to provide them with the appropriate advice and necessary services to suit their requirements.


Tree Surveys in accordance with BS5837:2012 (development sites) -

Local Authorities have a duty under planning legislation to ensure trees are protected on development site proposals. Therefore, developers must meet the planning procedures by submitting a tree survey and report to support a planning application in accordance with BS5837:2012.

A BS5837 survey enables both the developer and the Local Authority to identify the impacts of development on important trees within the proposal. It can also inform a suitable design layout at the early planning stages through assessment of tree constraints, making appropriate design layout alterations where appropriate. 

We can offer years of experience with an emphasis on detail and advice to provide our clients with the appropriate support they require for their needs. 

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Tree Risk Management 

Inspections and Surveys - 

Land owners are legally responsible under the "Occupiers Liability act" for ensuring their trees are managed appropriately and that they do not present an unreasonable risks to public and/or property.

At Morfe Valley we can provide inspections of individual trees or numerous trees producing plans and reports. As Quantified Tree Risk Assessment QTRA licensed users and PTI accredited CAS members, we are able to provide reassurance and make appropriate management recommendations to minimise tree risk.

Please see link below to QTRA:

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Tree Reports (Mortgage) -

When purchasing a property, you may be required to provide a tree report for your insurer or mortgage provider.

At Morfe Valley we can provide you with an informed survey assessing relevant trees on your property, commenting on structural stability and any risks in terms of direct and indirect damage potential, producing a report that provides appropriate management recommendations.

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 TPO Applications and Appeals -

Local Authorities have the powers to protect trees where they are considered important for the visual amenity they provide, Tree Preservation Orders TPO or Conservation Areas CA are used by Local Authorities to ensure protection of important trees.

Protected trees require written consent from the Local planning Authority before any proposed works can be completed on them. Completing works without prior consent could result in prosecution and hefty fines. However, works to protected trees may be completed where an exemption exists e.g dead trees, deadwood removal or dangerous trees subject to a 5-day notification to the Local Authority.

At Morfe Valley we can provide you with support with your application. We can represent you through all stages of an application, including submission of a pre-works application, supporting information, appeal statements and written representation, support for objections to new a TPO and visual amenity assessment using industry methodology.

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Veteran Tree Assessment and Management - 

Veteran trees are important for their relationship to the landscape, people and biodiversity. These trees also link us to past generations culturally and historically in past land management, shaping both trees and landscapes such as wood pasture and coppices.

At Morfe valley we can offer surveys and evaluation identifing ancient and veteran trees. We can provide advise on the protection and management of those trees, whether that's through land management or management of individual/groups of trees to ensure tree retention and longevity.

We can look at habitat quality and continuity where niche habitats exist, drawing on expert advise where appropriate from suitably qualified ecologists.

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Tree Related Structural Damage Reports -

Trees can cause damage to structures directly or indirectly.

Direct Damage:- is where a tree grows and comes in to contact with adjacent structures causing damage as a result. Aerial parts of a tree can cause damage to guttering, roofs etc, or roots can cause increased pressure through expansion on structures such as footpaths, drives and walls causing movement and distortion. 

At Morfe Valley we can recommend appropriate management of trees and/or the structures being damaged.

Indirect Damage:- causes serious damage to larger structures i.e buildings through subsidence or heave.

Subsidence is the downward movement and damage caused to a structure following soil shrinkage, usually on clay type soils where trees absorb sufficient moisture to cause such soils to shrink. Damage can also be caused by the opposite effect heave, where upward movement causes clay type soils rehydrate and expand.

At Morfe Valley we can offer assistance in determining whether your tree is a cause of subsidence and offer subsidence assessment, determining whether damage to a property is a result of yours or third party trees.

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Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations LOLER-

At Morfe Valley, we can assess and record a thorough examination of all Arboricultural equipment to ensure you meet the requirements of LOLER.

We will record tag and keep records of all your equipment digitally and as hard copies, we will provide weekly check sheets all to meet your companies needs.

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